Tianjin Medical University, China

Tianjin Medical University was the first medical institution approved by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. Approved by the State Education Council, in 1993, the Tianjin Medical College and the Tianjin Second Medical College integrated into the Tianjin Medical University. In December 1996, the university was accepted into Project 211, becoming one of the 97 key institutions given development priority by the State. Presently, Tianjin Medical University comprises of 6 university hospitals, 11 clinical colleges, and over 30 teaching hospitals.

University at a Glance

Established in: 1951

Address: 22 Qixiangtai Road, Tianjin, Tianjin, China

The Medium of Study: English

Acknowledged by: WHO, State Council of the People’s Republic of China, listed in International Medical Education Directory (IMED)

Scholarships: Available

Total Area: 400,000 square meters

Library: A collection of 510,000 volumes, 3,000 journals (designated as Central Library by the Ministry of Health), and the Internet for medical education.

Weather: The average rainfall is 600mm; average temperature is +12 °C

Nearest Airport: Tianjin Binhai International Airport located in Dongli District, Tianjin, China

Living Cost: 15,000 Rupees per month (approx.)

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Scholarships: Available

Admission Procedure: Direct (No Entrance Examination)


Tianjin Medical University consists of a large group of distinguished professors and scholars from home country China and other foreign countries. The university boasts 9 Research Institutions, a Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Health, and 9 Clinical Pharmacology centers of the Ministry of Health. Over the past 10 years, around 300 medical researchers received appraisals and 11 pieces of research won national awards.

Eligibility to study MBBS in China at Tianjin Medical University

In China, MBBS is popularly known as General Medicine. Therefore, students seeking to study General Medicine at Tianjin Medical University must qualify for admission. The qualifications for studying General Medicine in this Institution include:

1) NEET Qualification is mandatory.

2) 50% in Physics, Biology, and Chemistry.

3) Applicant must be up to 17 years old as of December 31

4) Medical Fitness certificate

5) The student must have no criminal report.

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Medicine Program:

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
Duration of course: 5 years + 1-year internship (can be done in their respective country)
The form of Studies: Full-time

Updated Fee Structure

Tuition Fee(2021): 318,500 Rupees per year (approx.)

Hostel Fee(2021): 117,800 Rupees per year (approx.)

Food Cost(2021): 61,300 Rupees (approx.)

Experimental Material Charges: 21,400 Rupees (approx.)

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Reasons to Join Tianjin Medical University

  • 24/7/365 accessibility of Internet network
  • Binding books and photocopy amenities
  • Sports arena and playground
  • Comfy library amenities
  • Transportation and Medical Amenities
  • 100% Tight Security
  • Canteen provisions
  • Advanced labs
  • Affiliated medical centers
  • Recreational area

Campus Life:

Sports: the university has a gymnasium, swimming pool, and various playgrounds, where students can play football, basketball, and other sports.

Internet: access is available at the university library and international student dormitory.

Shopping: the university has several supermarkets and stores.

Library: it is equipped with a campus computer network, which is also a center in Anhui for sharing biological and medical information across the nation on the internet. The library has broad relations with other libraries, schools, and research institutions all over the world.

International Students’ Education:

The international students’ education at Tianjin Medical University focuses on special and characteristic methods of teaching for maintaining influence and prestige in the world. International Medical School adhered to the policy of “one orientation, three tasks, and five works”. Tianjin Medical University has the largest foreign population with students from over 24 countries. Most of the time, foreign students arrive early, in spring, for obtaining an early start in learning the Chinese language as it is compulsory for every student enrolling in the university. Chinese language classes are incorporated in the first 2 years of the medical syllabus; which will help the students to converse with patients during hospital or clinic visits and also, for interacting with domestic students.


Accommodation will be provided in the Foreign Students’ Building where the international students can have a single room with a private bathroom and other necessary facilities.

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