Volgograd State Medical University, Russia

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Volgograd State Medical University, Russia


University’s Quick Facts

Established in: 1935

Location: Volgograd, Russian Federation

Medium of Study: English

Acknowledged by: WHO, MCI, USMLE, GMC, and FAIMER

Total Fees: 24,90,000 Rupees for six years

Number of International Students: 900

Departments: 66

Teaching staff: 763

Library: Comprises over 7,00,000 books in Russian, English, French, German, Arabian and other languages, along with internet centre.

Academic Sessions: First Semester- 1st September to end of January, Second Semester- Mid of February to end of June

Holidays: July and August

Weather: -10 degree (January) and +24 degree (July)

Nearest Airport: Volgograd International Airport, Russia

University Mess: Russian and Asian food, cooking facility available

Admission procedure: Direct (No entrance exam, No IELTS/TOFEL)



Volgograd State Medical University, started as Stalingrad Medical institute (1935), was granted university status in 2003. The university has 200 years of experience in the education field and provides broad exposure to students in clinical practices. Volgograd State Medical University has given rise to a number of research and methodological schools and centres. The university actively participates in international projects promoting medical research and clinical practice while being visited by the ambassadors of the USA, Malaysia, India, the People’s Republic of China, Brunei, Bangladesh, along with top officials of Medical and Dental Councils of different countries.

International Collaborations:

The Volgograd State Medical University has appreciative collaborations with several foreign universities through which they are fostering the advance of medical science. The newly set up Russian-American Family Practice Clinic is a unique clinic of this type in the whole south Russia. International students are being trained in the university since 1962. Over 3000 physicians, dentists, paediatricians, and pharmacists have been trained for foreign countries. The Regional Cardiology Centre is one of the best cardiology clinics in Russia.


Volgograd State Medical University has highly qualified and experienced teaching staff with experience of teaching in many regions of the world. Most of them have taught in different parts of the world. An attentive team of professors, scientists, and doctors; they have Ph.D.s or more advanced degrees.


Welfare of Students:

Volgograd State Medical University takes special care for the welfare of the international students, their academics, and their everyday activities. The International department appoints teachers who take the responsibility of helping foreign students with the Russian culture and lifestyle. The university also makes sure to keep a track of student’s academic record. Through the frequent conferences and seminars conducted by the university, the students can expect to widen their knowledge and skills.


Volgograd State Medical University has 7 student hostels comprising several cafeterias and snack bars. The campus is Wi-Fi enabled and students can avail free internet. The comfortable apartments have all necessary facilities for students’ study and rest. Also, the hostels are easily reachable from both University buildings and clinics.

Fee Structure:

Tuition Fee- 3,80,000 Rupees per year

Hostel Fee- 35,500 Rupees per year

Total Fees- 4,15,000 Rupees per year