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Jiangsu University is located in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China. Jiangsu University was founded in 1902 with the goal of creating a major comprehensive university in China. The university is the  merger of three colleges under the supervision of the Chinese Ministry of Education: Jiangsu University of Science & Technology, Zhenjiang Medical College, and Zhenjiang Teachers’ College. Jiangsu University prioritizes internationalization by encouraging teachers and students to pursue further education abroad, inviting more global talents to join for mutual benefit, promoting international research collaboration, and recruiting more international students.

In 2015, the university collaborated with over eighty seven universities in thirty countries around the world.

University at a Glance

Address: 301 Xuefu Rd, Jingkou Qu, Zhenjiang Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China

Number of Students: 35,000 (1,500 international students)

Academic Session Begins: September


The language of Instruction: English

Scholarships: Available

Food: 8 general cafeterias and 2 Muslim cafeterias on campus

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Admission Procedure: Direct (No Entrance Examination)

Eligibility to study MBBS in China at Jiangsu University

In China, MBBS is popularly known as General Medicine. Therefore, students seeking to study General Medicine at Jiangsu University must qualify for admission. The qualifications for studying General Medicine in this Institution include:

1) NEET Qualification is mandatory.

2) 50% in Physics, Biology, and Chemistry.

3) Applicant must be up to 17 years old as of December 31

4) Medical Fitness certificate

5) The student must have no criminal report.

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Student's life at Jiangsu University Campus

To help international students better understand Chinese culture and experience the joy of studying in China, Jiangsu University arranges for them to participate in a variety of events both inside and outside of the campus. 


In order for professional professors or lecturers who are internationalized to participate, the university provides national or international training programs. 

Students at Jiangsu University School of Medicine can take part in numerous foreign student exchange programs because the school has long-standing cooperate links with numerous universities and educational or research institutions across the world. 


The institution offers wonderful meals in a variety of forms at roughly 10 canteens located throughout the campus. On the Jiangsu University campus, there are a few cafés that serve modest fast food, fruit juice, coffee, and tea. In the communal kitchen, students can also prepare delectable meals for their roommates.


Students can take part in a variety of sports competitions, including basketball, football, volleyball, and badminton, as well as experiencing a multicultural environment. Therefore, Jiangsu University School of Medicine will be an excellent and enjoyable location for international students to study medicine in China given the excellence of all areas.

Hostel And Accommodation facilities At Jiangsu University

The Overseas Exchange building, which is owned by Jiangsu University, houses students’ accommodations. Management in the dorm is done in a hotel-style manner. The residence hall provides double rooms for overseas students. Two students share a room at the hostel; the overseas student may choose their roommate before arriving at the university or the university may assign them. Accommodations for male and female students are on different floors. 

The dormitory has furnishings, internet access, hot water, telephones, air conditioning, toilets, kitchens, communal utilities, and washing machines. Cleaning of the public area is handled by workers. A shared kitchen is available for students. The convenience of a common sitting room and television is available to students living in single, double, or triple rooms.


Jiangsu University offers a variety of courses in a variety of disciplines. Some of them are as follows: Medicine. Public Health. Nursing. Clinical Medicine.

Jiangsu University Accreditations and Recognitions

Jiangsu University in China is recognized and accredited by numerous significant medical bodies in the field of medical education, including: WHO (World Health Organization),National Medical Commission (NMC), USMLE,HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa).

Required Documents to study MBBS at Jiangsu Medical University

When applying for admission to Jiangsu Medical University, the following documents are needed:

1. Statement of Purpose (written in minimum of 500 words by the candidate for the undergraduate program).

2. Passport size photographs.

3. Tenth Marksheet.

4. Twelfth Marksheet.

5. Physical Fitness Certificate.

6. Gap Certificate (in a situation if the student will be having any Gap in academic years).

7. Grade card of NEET.

8. Copy of passport.

9. 6 months bank statement of parents or guardian (having minimum balance equivalent to the first year’s fee)

10. Police Report.

Jiangsu University Admission Process

1st step: Complete the required online application form.

2nd step: After carefully reviewing the student’s application and supporting documentation, the university will roll the offer letter.

3rd step: After receiving the offer letter, the student has seven days to deposit 6400 RMB into the university account.

4th step: When the fee is received, the university will roll the student’s JW202 and admission letter.

5th step: The remainder of the formalities will now be completed by the student (submission of Original Passport for Visa, Medical Check-up).

6th step: The designated representative will submit a visa application in their home country.

7th step: The approved agent will obtain the visa and notify the person of their flight date in September or October. When a student arrives in China, the remaining amount will be deposited at the universityqq.

Cost of the MBBS At Jiangsu Medical University (Fees And Various Expenses)

First year tuition fees



Tuition And fees


Other forms of expenses in first Year

Fees components


Hostel & Meals






Registration Fee




Jiangsu University- MBBS Course Duration

Jiangsu University’s MBBS program lasts six years, including one internship year.


Jiangsu University offers the following scholarships

1. Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC). 

2. Presidential Scholarship at JSU 

3. Scholarships for JSU Students 

4. Scholarship from the Confucius Institute. 

5. Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship 

6. Scholarship for A&W Enterprise. 

7. OEC Scholarship for Outstanding Students. 

8. Scholarship for Social Contributors from the OEC.

9. HSK Scholarship at JSU.

MBBS Full Syllabus Available At Jiangsu University

The complete syllabus for studying MBBS Course at Jiangsu Medical University is as follows:

1st year

First semester

Second Semester


Anatomy & Histology



2nd year

Third Semester


Fourth Semester



General Pathology





Molecular Biology 



Cell biology 



3rd Year

5th Semester


6th Semester


Genetics & Principles of Clinical Medicine


Path physiology



Path physiology




4th to 6th Year

7th to 12th semester 


General Surgery, Oncology, Obstetrics & Gynecology,

Neurology & Psychiatry,

 Internal Medicine,

Pediatrics, Neurology, Primary Care medicine, Psychology, ENT, Cardiology, & Emergency Medicine.


Benefits of studying an MBBS program in Jiangsu University

1. WHO and MCI both accredit Jiangsu University. Students who successfully complete the MBBS program at this university are qualified to sit for the international medical board exams. 

2. Faculty and staff at the institution are creative, gifted, and specialists in their fields. 

3. The university offers its students the top instructional materials as well as secure, first-rate facilities. 

4. More than 80 affiliated hospitals, practicing hospitals, and teaching hospitals at Jiangsu University School of Medicine offer medical courses to international students so they can participate in internship programs and clinical rotations.

5. One of the best universities in China is Jiangsu University. 

6. It offers affordable tuition for medical education. 

7. In a university, students have a very comfortable life. 

8. Nearly 67 universities and institutions of higher learning throughout the world have long-standing cooperative relationships with Jiangsu University School of Medicine. 

9. Jiangsu University offers affordable MBBS tuition as compared to other universities. 

10. No entry fee or gift is necessary. 

11. With hostels and dorms, housing for international students is available at reasonable rates. 

12. a top-notch library with access to more than a million volumes. 

13. Numerous graduate, undergraduate, and doctoral programs are offered by universities.


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