Suzhou University | MBBS Fee for Indians

Come to Suzhou University for your MBBS certificate today! I know that you’ll be asking why? This school is the largest global joint venture institution in China! They are in collaboration with the University of Liverpool and Xian Jiaotong University. Their international community of 13000 and more postgraduates and undergraduates, with 450 staffs from diverse states, are continually growing! They are out to offer you global connections! Hurry now and grab this chance!

Suzhou University Fees for MBBS

The expenses to be paid for contemplating MBBS at Suzhou University, China includes:

  • The tuition fee of 32,500 RMB annually in approximate INR – Rs 2,60,000/-
  • The application charge is USD 1000 (no refund available)
  • Accommodation cost is RMB4000 to 5000 per year approximately INR – Rs 40,000/-
  • Living Expense ranges from RMB800 – 1,200 per month (INR – Rs 9,600/-)

Suzhou University is a state-funded college in Suzhou (Soochow), China. The organization is a section of the CME’s (Chinese Ministry of Education) Venture 211, as well as a Jiangsu ordinary key extensive college. The School of Humanities, Textile as well as Clothing Production, School of Chemistry, Material Science, Chemical Engineering, in addition to the School of Medicine, are colleges that are most recognized.

The college was divided in 1949 because of the Chinese Civil War and joined with Southern Jiangsu College of Culture and Education, as well as the Physics and Mathematics Department at Jiangnan University. They aimed to generate the Jiangsu Teacher’s Institute in 1952. With all these facts, studying MBBS in China at this university will make your knowledge enhanced. Tag along for more about Suzhou University.

MBBS Entry Eligibility at Suzhou University, China

  • It is mandatory for applying students to have finished senior high school.
  • The student must score 70% least in the entire subjects during the high school assessment.
  • He/she should have excellent performance in high school study as well as good adaptive ability.
  • The student must be able to study MBBS in English as well as Chinese.
  • He/she must have a healthy state of the body

Suzhou University, China Duration for MBBS

Afraid the duration of study might be too long for an MBBS in Suzhou University? No need to worry! MBBS is only six years course in this school. Five years of serious learning, with an extra year of training, is all it takes! Suzhou University, China furnishes you with cutting-edge information during your six years of stay with them. The English language is the Lingua Franca used for instructing students.


You can rest assured that your budget will carry you all through your years of study in this institution. Everything is based on encouraging you to get the best MBBS certificate of your dream! The government of China makes education at Suzhou University, China, conducive for all! Make this decision today, and live to enjoy a life full of fulfillment tomorrow!

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