MBBS in Armenia – Fee Structure of Top Medical Universities in Armenia

Minimum University Expense : Rs. 16.50 Lakh for 6 Years, NEET Qualification Mandatory,

Admission Closes before 15 June in most Universities.

All India Students Helpline: +91 9773931590 ,+91 7303552295, +91 6391010339

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Armenia 2020

  • Min 60% in PCB in 12th Class
  • Min age should be 17 years on 31st December 2020.
  • Valid NEET Scorecard showing that the student has qualified for the NEET examination.


Are you in search of an ideal place to study MBBS? Then you just arrived at the right platform! Well, when choosing the destination for your MBBS studies, consider choosing Armenia because it is the best place for you. Find out more about studying MBBS in Armenia.

Armenia is among the abroad destinations best for studying, which has a history of presenting exclusive higher education. Armenia is a preferred Nation for Indian scholars. An excellent study surrounding, highly qualified as well as devoted staff well experience, enhance and modernized equipment, the exclusive building makes MBBS in Armenia significant preferred. Also, the World Health Organization and the India Medical Council certifies the Armenia Medical Degree.

Why should you study the medical course in Armenia?

There is a lot of important reason why you should study MBBS in Armenia. Armenia has numerous well-known universities for studying medicine courses. These medical universities are known exclusively for their provision of eminent healthcare amenities. You will see well-equipped hospitals with modern medical devices and equipment. The hospitals consist of attendants, patients, as well as medical staff in larges, offer top-class learning and position chances for medical scholars.

Below are other important reasons why you must consider studying MBBS in Armenia;

  • Low education fees: they will offer quality education at a very affordable price. There are indeed quality medical colleges in Europe, but the issue is the cost. They are normally costly.
  • No payment, no aptitude test: what will attract you more is the international acknowledgment of Armenian degrees in medicine. In India, classified universities that offer medical courses like MBBS cash a tremendous amount of money, yet you will have to write an entrance test before you enter.
  • Medical degree; there are various excellent medical universities and colleges, but the MCI identifies only five. You acquire employment with your certificate in any nation, since ECMO, WHO, and MCI acknowledges the Armenia medical degrees.
  • High-quality and excellent education: you will every excited to here that the Armenian medical colleges follow the international education standards and the medical syllabus that are modernized
  • Internship programs; you will be given internships when you finish your first-year study.
  • Accommodation; many MCI-approved colleges offer hostels amenities to abroad students. But Armenia offers not just modernized hostels but also central heating, arrangement, food, etc.

Qualification for Studying Medical courses in Armenia

  • The ages required for study medicine in Armenia are a minimum of 17 years and a maximum of 25 years individually. The qualification applies to scholars from all nations, including India. You have a straight road to your destination.
  • You must make up to 50% minimum score with science as the foundation in the higher secondary test.
  • You must have legitimate school training in 10+2 methods.
  • You should secure 50% in collective on Chemistry, Physics, and Biology
  • NEET test capability is required for every Indian scholar to be admitted to study MBBS in abroad.

Top universities in Armenia that offers quality MBBS in Armenia

  • Mkhitar gosh Armenia Russian International University
  • St Theresa Medical University Armenia
  • University of Traditional Medicine, Armenia
  • Yerevan State Medical Universities Armenia
  • Yerevan Haybusak University


You will gain a scholarship, work, a better career, employment opportunities, financing after studying MBBS in Armenia. Is this what you wish for in life? Now is the time, enroll yourself now!

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