Scholarships for Abroad Study

Scholarships Available for the Indian Students who want to Study Abroad

Most students have apprehension about the expense while considering pursuing higher education abroad. Most of the time, aspirants don’t realise that they can conveniently apply their current on-campus financial aid package to their study abroad trip along with the scholarships. By doing so, at times, studying abroad is cheaper than the traditional on-campus semester. The scholarships facilitated to study abroad are monetary awards for aspirants to support the cost of the respective programs such as travel, course, credits, books, and lodging. It is advised that aspirants must start looking and applying for scholarships early as these scholarships can be very competitive and might have limited availability. Some of the best scholarships to be considered while planning study abroad are mentioned below:

1. Institute for International Liberal Education at Bard College

The Institute for International Liberal Education at Bard College, which manages for study abroad in countries such as Germany, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Palestine, Russia, and South Africa, awards approximately 300,000 US Dollars in need-based scholarship aid for aspirants enrolled in the study abroad programs. Around 70% of students attain scholarship support from Bard.

2. Chinese Local Government Scholarships

The scholarships provided by the Chinese Local Government focus especially on international students aspiring for higher education. Many cities and provinces in China aim at improving the scientific skills, innovative talents, social services, and cultural exchange pattern; therefore, have issued several scholarship programs for attracting efficient and skilful aspirants to pursue their higher studies in universities of China. Chinese Government Scholarship supports international students, teachers, and scholars to pursue degrees at all levels (Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD) or non-degree studies as well as to conduct research in China.

3. MSc scholarships

Currently, Queen’s University Belfast, Ireland, is providing with full tuition fee scholarships available for international students interested in Health Sciences and aspiring for Masters Degree programs such as MSc Public Health, MSc Computational Biology, MRes Molecular Medicine.

4. SRAS Research Grants

SRAS Research Grants assist students on the basis of their educational program and aids in getting the visa, affordable housing, health insurance, and official Russian university affiliation. Also, the scholarship includes lessons in language and other subjects, according to the student’s chosen program. The grant provided to each student is approximately 65,200 Rupees. Upperclassmen (juniors and seniors), graduate, and postgraduate students in any field of study can apply for the scholarship. Aspirants must have a GPA of 3.2 or above and while applying for the scholarship, must be enrolled in an academic program based in North America or the European Union. Also, the aspirants must apply for an SRAS educational program of at least 6 weeks in length.

5. China University Scholarships

To encourage international students and global education system, China provides with good scholarships in many of its universities. Indian aspirants, from all fields, may expect a variety of scholarship programs in universities of China. The scholarship plans are associated with academic programs in Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine, Law, Economics, Management, Education, Liberal Arts, Philosophy, History, and Fine Arts, for aspirants at all the levels.

6. Saltire Scholarship

Saltire Scholarship is a substantial programme of scholarships that offers up to 100 awards, each of which is worth approximately 371,400 towards tuition fees for any one year of full-time study, on an Undergraduate, Masters, or PhD course. The scholarship is offered on a matched funding basis between the Scottish Government and Scottish Higher Education Institutions. Students from Canada, China, India, Pakistan, and the USA can avail the Saltire Scholarship.

7. Stanislavsky Scholarship

This scholarship offers three approximately 48,900 Rupees scholarships for aspirants who enrol for acting classes in Russia. It is a 6-week summer program in actor training with Russian style for English-speaking actors and is hosted in St. Petersburg, Russia. Students availing this scholarship are expected to submit weekly blog entries and a summation essay at the end of the program, of about 3 pages, explaining what they have learnt, experienced, and their future plans of using the knowledge and experience gained.

8. BUTEX scholarship

The Universities Transatlantic Exchange Association (BUTEX) provides aspirants with scholarships of approximately 46,400 Rupees. The student must be studying at a member university in the UK. The student can avail the scholarship for a semester or for a year.

9. Healthcare Leaders Scholarship

The Healthcare Leaders Scholarship is provided to the student who is entering or presently pursuing an educational program associated with nursing or medicine. To avail of this scholarship, the student must be at least 17 years of age and must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. The applicants are required to submit a 600 to 1,000 words essay emphasizing on what they expect to accomplish during their career in the medical field; and how the scholarship would fulfil their ambition. Recommended topics are mentioned in the Personal Essay section of the official website. Each student is granted approximately 65,000 Rupees through the scholarship.

10. Charles Braver Language Exploration Grants

The Charles Braver Language Exploration Grant provides an aspirant, who enrols in any regular SRAS program, with an award of approximately 32,600 Rupees, each for summer, fall, and spring sessions. It aims at reducing the expense of SRAS study abroad programs for students who express a keen interest in acquiring a better understanding of the Russian country, along with its people, and its language. For availing the scholarship, aspirants are supposed to enrol in an SRAS program and must have completed two semesters of Russian, Chinese, or the study of any Central Asian language. GPA of 3.0 or higher is a must eligibility criterion for the scholarship. Also, the student has to be enrolled full-time in an academic program based in North America or the European Union while applying for the scholarship.

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