Top 5 Countries for Indians to Study MBBS Abroad

Top 5 Countries for Indians to Study MBBS Abroad- A List You Must Check!

International education has grown in popularity over the past few years, particularly among students wishing to enroll in MBBS programs in India. It is just as crucial as the standard of education is the affordability of the international MBBS cost structure. So, if you are considering studying MBBS in abroad and want to know what to anticipate from the MBBS costs overseas, This blog can assist you in finding low-cost countries for MBBS abroad.

Reason Behind the Interest of Persuading MBBS Abroad In Indian Students

In recent years, students have realized that they may still pursue their ambition of earning an MBBS degree from an overseas institution even if they have yet to acquire a preferred seat in one of India’s medical colleges. Let us have an idea about pursuing MBBS abroad in India Students.

1. Study Medicine is One of the Most Respected and Desired Career Options in India

Due to its reputation as the most prestigious and sought job path, MBBS is a widely popular subject in India, particularly among class 12 science graduates. 

However, the Indian Medical Institution could not accommodate the rising demand for the course with the number of available seats.

2. MBBS Abroad is Cheaper Than in India

One of the main reasons Indian students move overseas to further their careers is the cost. Students choose to attend a government institution there or leave India due to rising tuition rates.

3. Global Exposure Can Make Medicine Understanding More Unique

Students who pursue medical degrees overseas can study medicine in a diverse setting. It is helpful to understand how each nation’s particular circumstances might result in various diagnoses, particularly in terms of careers.

4. Highly Equipped Infrastructure Produce Learning Experience Better

Most medical colleges and universities overseas will maintain their facilities and equipment at pace with those used globally, following international medical standards.

Qualification Requirements to Study MBBS Abroad Are Far More Easier

The first step in receiving admission to any prestigious medical program overseas is to confirm that the prerequisites for MBBS programs abroad have been satisfied. Each university will establish its standards for MBBS admissions for Indian students. Some of the typical general requirements that applicants must meet are listed below.


requirement of 17 years or above


Yes, compulsory


50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology Aggregate


Top Country to Pursue MBBS

Every year, many aspirant Indian students study abroad for their MBBS; in 2018, this figure increased sharply by around 24%. Given that only about 60,000 government college seats are available in all of India, it makes sense that more people are looking for the best nations for MBBS. Let us now discuss the best universities for Indian students to pursue an MBBS overseas.


Any medical student’s ambition is to take MBBS admission in Russia, which is home to some of the world’s best medical schools and attracts graduates seeking to further their studies abroad in medicine. Russia is among the low-cost countries for MBBS abroad.

Medium of Instruction

English is one of the prime languages of instruction for the MBBS program at most well-known medical colleges in Russia, especially for overseas students.

Cost of the Course

At a Russian medical institution, overseas students may get renowned degrees and a solid foundation in medicine for a price that is both affordable and competitive. The cost of studying MBBS in Russia is around 20 lakhs to 40 lakhs for six years of the entire course.


1. Russian medical colleges do not need applicants to take an entrance exam. First-come, first-served admission is determined by performance in the 12th standard.

2. Every year, Russia offers several scholarships that allow international students who want to study MBBS to do so for free.

3. Regarding scientific institutions, cutting-edge technology, and superior study facilities, Russia is on par with the top universities in the West.

4. The WHO, UNESCO, European Council, MCI, and other prominent organizations recognize an MBBS degree from a Russian university.

Top Universities to Study MBBS in Russia

1.Kazan State Medical University

2.Far Eastern Federal University

3.Kursk State Medical University


For Indian students interested in studying medicine overseas, enrolling in the program of MBBS  in Uzbekistan is a wise decision. In Uzbekistan, medical schools provide advanced coursework in territorial pathology, diagnostics, patient care, and healthcare administration.

Medium of Instruction

English is one of the key languages of education for the MBBS degrees at the most prestigious medical schools in Uzbekistan.

Cost of the Course

MBBS education is inexpensive in Uzbekistan since most medical colleges are government-funded. The cost of studying MBBS in Uzbekistan is around 40 lakhs to 50 lakhs. The country is considered one of the low-cost countries for MBBS abroad.


1. The fact that most Uzbek universities are MCI-recognized is one benefit of pursuing an MBBS there.

2. Going to Uzbekistan has the benefit of making it simple to get to India. There are frequent flights from India to Uzbekistan, which take about three hours.

3. The students wisely decided to study for an MBBS in Uzbekistan. This is because English is the language of instruction in this location. Therefore the students will be refined following their lectures.

Top Universities to Study MBBS in Uzbekistan

1. Samarkand State Medical University.

2. Tashkent Medical Academy Uzbekistan.

3. Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health


There are several advantages to deciding to study MBBS in China. The Chinese government devotes a sizable percentage of its resources to education. The goal is to establish China as a leader in providing high-quality, affordable higher education worldwide.

Medium of Instruction

The most renowned medical universities in China provide their MBBS programs in English as one of their primary teaching languages.

Cost of the Course

Compared to European nations, China’s most populated cities have lower living rates. Chinese universities are the most affordable alternatives for international students due to the cheap cost of living and tuition. The cost of studying MBBS in Russia is around 35 lakhs to 50 lakhs.


1. The majority of Chinese colleges have connections to several prestigious institutions throughout the globe. As a result, Chinese students pursuing degrees are exposed to the highest level of education available worldwide.

2. Numerous Chinese institutions rank well among the finest in the world for MBBS programs. They keep their word and give overseas students an exceptional, high-quality education.

3. India and South China both have tropical climates. Therefore, students who attend universities in South China are more able to adapt to changing weather conditions.

Top Universities to Study MBBS in China

1. Zhejiang University

2. Nanjing Medical University

3. Xi’an Jiaotong University


The central region of Asia is home to Kyrgyzstan. MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is an excellent choice for Indian Students. They offer medical education of the highest caliber. The university teachers are accomplished experts in their fields.

Medium of Instruction

Particularly for international students, English is one of the primary languages of teaching for the MBBS program at Kyrgyzstan’s most prestigious medical universities.

Cost of the Course

Affordable MBBS and medical courses are available from the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy (KSMA) in Kyrgyzstan. The cost of the MBBS program is between 25 and 35 lakhs Indian Rupees.


1. More than 550 highly qualified faculty members provide excellent services to students at KSMA. 

2. The University’s classrooms are well-equipped with the most recent approaches and methods to guarantee that students get an excellent introduction to themes and comprehend the topics thoroughly.

3. With a variety of activity centers such as a gym, a sports field, indoor games, and extracurricular activity centers, hostels are furnished with all essentials.

Top Universities to Study MBBS in China

1. Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University.

2. International School of Medicine.

3. Asian Medical Institute.


Given that Kazakhstan has several Top Medical Universities that accept domestic and international students, the country is undoubtedly an attractive location to pursue a degree MBBS in Kazakhstan

Medium of Instruction

The university offers English as the primary teaching language to remove potential language obstacles.

Cost of the Course

In Kazakhstan, medical education is simple and reasonably priced. The cost of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is around 45 lakhs to 60 lakhs Indian Rupees.


1. There is no need for additional entrance exams; thus, Indian students may apply directly to their preferred Top Medical University in Kazakhstan.

2. Universities have excellent infrastructure and are fully furnished with all contemporary conveniences.

3. Kazakhstan’s educational system draws many international students annually, particularly its medical colleges.

Top Universities to Study MBBS in China

1. Kazakh National Medical University.

2. Al-Farabi Kazakh National Medical University.

3. Karaganda State Medical University.

Choose The Right Country and University for Studying MBBS Abroad for Yourself

Several generally significant aspects exist when selecting an international university to study MBBS. Explore the following list, keeping them in mind while you make your decision.

  • All educational institutions are excellent, but some provide more amenities and charge more.
  • Many nations, unlike India, have flexible educational systems that require students to complete a specific number of topics over a term that may be brief or long. Choose carefully.
  • Regarding the quality of education, the location of the institution and the nation are less crucial. Furthermore, it is essential for the student’s and the parent’s comfort when traveling.
  • Once you get to college, a select few colleges have started administering a little exam. If you fail, you could get sent back. Before applying there, kindly double-check with your consultant or university.


Nowadays, Indian students favor MBBS programs overseas because foreign education provides two times as many educational options at a reasonable price. In India, MBBS education is expensive and offers fewer opportunities for admission to reputable medical schools. However, Indian Students can Pursue the same degree in low-cost countries for MBBS abroad.

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