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In the pursuit of an affordable yet quality medical education, studying MBBS abroad has become an increasingly attractive option for aspiring doctors. As we enter 2024, let’s explore the most cost-effective MBBS programs along with the reasons why studying MBBS from abroad can be a rewarding and economical choice, including an overview of the fee structures.

Why Study MBBS Abroad?

Top10 Medical Universities in Russia
Top10 Medical Universities in Russia for MBBS

Studying MBBS abroad offers several advantages:

  • Cost-Effective Education: Many nations offer high-quality medical education at a lower cost than some universities in the home country.
  • Diverse Clinical Exposure: International medical programs expose students to a wide range of medical issues, which helps them improve their clinical abilities and widen their perspectives.
  • Global Recognition: Degrees from prominent international medical universities are frequently acknowledged around the world, making it easier to pursue a medical profession in multiple countries.
  • Cultural Immersion: Studying abroad offers a unique opportunity for cultural immersion, which fosters a global perspective and enhances the overall educational experience.
  • Multicultural Environment: Interacting with peers from different cultural backgrounds improves communication skills and prepares students to work in a variety of healthcare settings.

Cheapest Country for MBBS 2024

1. Russia: Time-Tested Excellence on a Budget

Russia, known for its long history of medical education, remains a cost-effective option for overseas students. Cities such as Moscow and Vladivostok have reputable medical universities that provide great education without charging high tuition fees. The broad patient exposure, well-equipped hospitals, and international recognition of MBBS in Russia enhance the overall educational experience.

1) Public University

2) 1000+ International students

3) English medium & NMC Approved

4) Most advanced and beautiful campus in Russia

5) Hostel & Mess available within Campus

Tuition Fees:  Rs. 3,61,000/Year

Accommodation Fees:  Rs. 36,000/Year

1) Public University

2) Established in 1917

3) English medium 

4) Beautiful campus

5) WHO & NMC Recognized

Tuition Fees: Rs. 2,36,000/Year

Accommodation Fees:  Rs. 25,000/Year

1) Founded in 1758

2) NMC and WHO Approved

3) English medium 

4) English medium teaching

5) Hostel & Mess available

Tuition Fees: Rs. 6,34,000/Year

Accommodation Fees:  Rs. 80,000/Year

1) Public University

2) Founded in 1960

3) NMC Approved

4) 317 World Ranking

5) English Medium

Tuition Fees: Rs. 8,65,000/Year

Accommodation Fees:  Rs. 40,000/Year

1) Established in 1935

2) Acknowledged by MMC, NMC, WHO etc.

3) World Research Ranking – 441

4) Most popular among Indian students in 2024

5) High quality education at affordable cost

Tuition Fees:  Rs. 4,55,000/Year

Accommodation Fees:  Rs. 57,000/Year

2. Kyrgyzstan: Affordable Learning Amidst Scenic Landscapes

Kyrgyzstan offers an affordable yet high-quality medical education. Universities in Bishkek provide English-taught MBBS programs, making them an appealing alternative for students looking for affordability without sacrificing academic standards. The cheaper cost of living and multicultural atmosphere lead to a more complete learning experience.

1) 11,000 students enrolled including 1200+ International students.

2) High education quality in affordable budget

3) Dual degree program

4) NMC Approved

5) Total seats for Indian students is 100.

Tuition Fees:  USD 4000/Year

Accommodation Fees:  USD 700/Year

3. Uzbekistan: Cultural Richness and Affordable Education

Uzbekistan, with its rich cultural past, is becoming a popular location for medical study. English-taught programs in Tashkent and Samarkand provide a cheap yet enriching education in a distinctive cultural milieu. Studying in Uzbekistan allows students to gain an understanding of various healthcare procedures, preparing them for a future in medicine around the world.

1) English medium course, NMC and ECFMGE approved

2) 80 seats for Indian students

3) Near to India

4) High quality education

5) Situated in Tashkent, a capital of Uzbekistan

Tuition Fees:  USD 4500/Year

Accommodation Fees: USD 500/Year

1) 800+ Indian students enrolled in 2022

2) Indian teachers are available for Indian students.

3) University is very nearer to India. A 2-hour flight from Delhi

4) NMC and ECFMGE approved

5) In-expensive city makes student life easier.

Tuition Fees:  USD 3500/Year

Accommodation Fees: USD 700/Year

4. China: Affordable Degrees in a Global Hub

China, recognized for its rapid expansion, provides affordable MBBS programs in locations such as Beijing and Shanghai. Renowned medical universities welcome overseas students, offering quality education at low tuition rates. Studying in China exposes students not just to a wide range of clinical cases, but also to a combination of traditional medicine and modern healthcare procedures.

1) Most beautiful and advanced campus

2) English medium and NMC Approved

3) Canteen provisions

4) Affiliated medical centers

5) Founded in 1921

Tuition Fees: RMB 38000/Year

Accommodation Fees: RMB 1600/Year

1) Beautiful Campus

2) English medium

3) Hostel available

4) NMC Approved

5) One of the oldest university

Tuition Fees: RMB 32800/Year

Accommodation Fees: RMB 6000/Year

1) Founded in 1934

2) English medium and NMC Approved

3) Affordable fees structure

4) Innovative teaching method

5) University mess Available

Tuition Fees: RMB 34000/Year

Accommodation Fees: RMB 6000/Year

5. Bangladesh: Tropical Haven for Budget-Friendly Medical Studies

Bangladesh, which is known for its tropical beauty, has grown in prominence because of its affordable MBBS programs. The capital, Dhaka, is home to reputable medical institutions that provide high-quality education without charging exorbitant tuition prices. Studying in Bangladesh exposes students to a diverse spectrum of medical issues and allows them to contribute to community healthcare efforts.

1) Established in 2011

2) English medium and NMC Approved

3) Expert staff

4) Best teaching method

5) Affordable fees structure

Tuition Fees: USD 43000 / 5 years

1) Establishment in 2000

2) NMC Approved

3) Public University

4) Affiliated medical centers

5) High quality education

Tuition Fees: USD 45000 / 5 years

1) Founded in 1990

2) Highly professional Medical staff 

3) Affordable fees structure

4) English medium Teaching

5) MCI and  WHO Approved

Tuition Fees: USD 42000 / 5 years

Required Documents for Cheapest MBBS in World

An application form.

Birth Certificate

HIV negative Report

Copy of valid passport.

NEET Scorecard

10th and 12th Marksheet is required.

Admission Process for MBBS Abroad

  • Step1: Explore various countries offering MBBS programs. Consider factors like tuition fees, living expenses, language of instruction, and degree recognition.
  • Step2: Each university has specific eligibility criteria.
  • Step3: Prepare documents like academic transcripts, mark sheets, a valid passport, proof of financial support, medical certificates, and a letter of recommendation. 
  • Step4: Submit your completed application form with all required documents before the deadline. Upon acceptance, you’ll receive an offer letter from the university. 
  • Step5: Pay the necessary fees and process your student visa application with the embassy of your chosen country.
  • Step6: Once your visa is approved, finalize travel arrangements and accommodation.

Conclusion: Your Affordable Path to Medical Excellence

As we approach 2024, these five countries distinguish out as excellent choices for inexpensive and enriching MBBS programs. Studying MBBS overseas not only helps students to pursue their medical aspirations while maintaining high educational standards, but it also provides a unique opportunity for personal and professional development. By carefully selecting the correct university, prospective doctors can begin on a cost-effective but fulfilling MBBS journey that will pave the way for a successful medical career.

Cheapest MBBS in World (FAQs):

Is MBBS cheaper in abroad than India?

Yes, MBBS is cheaper to study abroad than in India.

Which is the cheapest country for MBBS?

Kyrgyzstan is one of the cheapest country for MBBS.

In which country MBBS is easy?

In Kazakhstan MBBS is easy.

Which is the no.1 university in Russia for MBBS?

First Moscow State Medical University is no.1 university in Russia.

Are there scholarship opportunities available for international students?

International students can apply for scholarships from certain universities based on their academic standing. Furthermore, government scholarships or other forms of financial assistance may be available.

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