Top Medical Universities in Russia 2019

MBBS in Russia: Top Universities under 30 Lakh Tuition Fee

According to WHO, Medical Universities of Russia hold around 30 positions amongst top 100 Medical Universities in the world. In the discipline of medicine, Russia has extensive clinical faculties with necessary facilities where international students can get admitted. Universities such as- Tyumen State Medical University and Bashkir State Medical University are advisable for medical aspirants looking for good education under low fee. These universities succeed to offer advanced and sophisticated standard of higher education with well-equipped infrastructures and innovative teaching methods along with low tuition fee.

Quick Glimpse

  • Academic Season in Russia: starts in September
  • 2 Seasons in an Academic Year: from September to January; from February to June
  • Duration of MBBS course: 5-6 years
  • Eligibility Criteria: 12th or Higher Secondary equivalent with 50% in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English
  • Average fee: 186,000 to 277,000 Rupees/annul (for most Russian medical colleges)

Top Universities for MBBS in Russia (Based on Quality and Low Fee):

  • Tyumen State Medical University

Tyumen State Medical University traces three generations of teachers, doctors of sciences, grown in the walls of university by preparing 800 candidates of sciences and 200 doctors, not only for the university, but also for other countries, and practical health care institutions. Presently, Tyumen State Medical University holds a prominent place among the medical schools of Russian Federation, integrated into the international high school and medical science. Students at Tyumen State Medical University are trained by 127 doctors of sciences and 297 candidates of sciences, one academician. 4 teachers have the title of Honored Worker of Science, 58 teachers have the title of Honoured Doctor, honored health professionals of the Russian Federation. 5 employees were awarded with orders and medals of the Russian Federation.

Total Fee: 25 Lakh Rupees for 6 years (approx.)

  • Bashkir State Medical University

Bashkir State Medical University is one of the largest medico-scientific centres in Ufa, Russian Federation. The university is training students, in medicine, since 1932 and has been ranked among top medical colleges. A major scientific establishment presently, the university carries out fundamental, applied, and methodical scientific researches. The university is a member of WHO and is recognized by MCI (India), MMC (Malaysia), and GMC (UK). Students from various parts of the world such as- Europe, Asia, and Latin America are studying medicine at the university.

Total fee: 13 Lakh Rupees for 6 years (approx.)

Advantages for International Students while pursuing MBBS in Tyumen State Medical University or Bashkir State Medical University:

1) High standards of living in the cities.

2) Low unemployment rate for economically active population.

3) One of the highest levels of average salary in the world.

4) Highly safe for foreigners.

Cost of living per month while pursuing MBBS in Tyumen State Medical University or Bashkir State Medical University:

The average cost of living is 15,000 Rupees/month approximately.

  • Food- 5,000 Rupees
  • Housing- 7,000 Rupees
  • Internet- 500 Rupees
  • Bus fare- 25 Rupees/ride

Other Universities for MBBS in Russia with Low Fees:

  • Kazan Federal University

Recently, the university established 17 Centres of excellence and 80 world-class research and teaching laboratories.

Total fee: 27 lakh Rupees for 6 years (approx.)

  • Altai State Medical University

Actively maintaining the global educational standards, the university aims to bring together international students and teachers for quality education and research purpose.

Total fee: 21 lakh Rupees for 6 years (approx.)

  • Ulyanovsk State Medical University

The university enrols around 16,000 students in 6 colleges, offering 68 majors with considerable international collaborations.

Total fee: 21 Lakh Rupees for 6 years (approx.)

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